31/12/2008,the last day............

this is my last post of 2008,a year pass away that soon,i think i should make a list of what i done & what i get
1)i m 20 year old d(-.="')old liao ,my age start from 2 liao,haiz...............
2)i change my work,i m a admin executive liao,(have more time to do other stuff)
3)break with my Ex-BF(sad)
4)my mom get me a male that she think is suitable for me(i m not so sure he is suitable for me)pending
5)learn a lot from my new job(haha........^.^)

what i wanna get done next year(my target(-.-))
1)go to Bali
2)look younger(my life target,i m also look elder than my age(-.='")
3)watch mummy in egypt

what i wanna done for my life
1)have a house in cameron highland(@.@)
2)bring my parent travel to tibet(i think this is my father's dream)
3)bring my parent travel to china(this is my mom's dream,i think.......(-.-)
4)travel to egypt,watch mummy
5)my mom & my grandpa can forgive each others(i think this is what my mother's hope,already half success.XD)

hope i have a good year in 2009,yeah!!!!!!!!

bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!

6 个月,你还好吗?




Nasional services

3 days holidays been destroy by NS fellar,my brother heading to Sarawak ,Miri Kem,but he didn't get any letter from NS,when he called those Pegawai(they called themself Pegawai)said :"awak kena berkumpul pukul 5 PETANG,28 Dec 2008,di Stadium Shah Alam"then my Bro called the second time the PEGAWAI still Said"Pukul 5 Petang"then when 28 of Dec 2008,5pm,we arrived stadium Shah Alam,but nobody is there,we asking the guard bout NS,the security Guard said,they already gone at 8am,then i straight away mad the NS dept in my mind"kanasai de,~!@#$%^&*"

What i do next

1)call sarawak kem miri,28/12/08

-commander take the phone,we explain the situation to him,he told us go to the nearest kem which is kem banting,to lapor diri dulu,then they will arrange him to heading to sarawak or go for next siri(thanks a lot!!!)

2)heading to kem banting.29/12/08

-we found the commander,then we explain the situation to him,he told us to heading to HQ to get the dicision from them straight away,he said its easier,(he give us the Add & dept to us,he sign & chop that prove we jumpa him,Thanks a lot!!!)

3)we called the complain phone no

but they can't help ,don't know what are they doing in this PLKN?

4)heading to PLKN HQ,today

i din go coz need to working ,hope everything is fine,don't get any trouble

my past life?

You Were a Mouse

You quietly examine life's lessons and see multiple meanings in things.

You are also good at discovering details and remaining in the background.

weird lar,why all the human's past life must be animal?

today i wanna betray my Brother ,Mwahhahahhaa............
saw that!!!!
very cute hor!!!!
he is a little cutie when he is a child.
but after 14 years,he become a gorilla!!!!man!!!!
damn tall!!!!
& super proud with his height........
but 1 thing he din change,is .............
he still like to act like woman when someone ask him:"r u a man!!!!!!"
he will answer :"nolah*blush*i m not"
then i will(-.="')
i always tell my mom,u born 2 daughter,then my mom said:"yalor,i think so"


do you know what a baby can do?this clip provide by my Brother 17 years old,the background is his room,the name of the baby is Wong Sue Ying,1 1/2 years old.

*remark:the baby is a girl not boy.

stay high...................


i m back!!!!!

din update the blog for 4 day(-.-"')
Quite miss this baby blog........
i went to a church youth camp(when i tell my boss,i wanna take leave bcoz of youth camp,she ask me "u still youth meh?"the my face become(-.-"'),dunno what to say,hehehehe...........) 3days 2 night,its very interesting & fun,i really enjoy it very much,the games thanks for all the game planner,kang lim ,aeron,(very garang de)kai jin,yen tung & the rest

the last night,we have a talent show,i really enjoy it,i really wanna apologize to my group member,coz that night i sing until veli veli high,so when talent show i sing very hard to make my sound better & perfect,sakit kerongkong man!!!!!!my sound seem very weird!!!!(T.T)
feel so sad bout that,some thing i need to pologize to ying zi,i said i would sing slowly,but manatahu,i only focus on my sound,totally forget bout tha speed of my song,sorry!!!!forgive me!!!!!

But i still can't forget the keat hin's tau fu fa(-.-"')everytime i saw him,got a sound on my brain"tau fu fa................."OMG!!!!!!keat hin is too terer,he can make my mind can't stop with tau fu fa.......
i really enjoy the camp,eventhought got a garang guy call me kam yu po>:(
coz he said i m kacauing the youngest guy,but there is only 2 guy elder than me what!!!
my group leader & bing wu,it is weird if i kacauing them mah,tak paham lar(-.-)

hope i can join this kind of camp again!!!

old love..................

yesterday my friend told me that she feel hurt when she in love with someone,it just remind me something,feel wanna cry when i told her a little of my past,my love.......
how long will i take to recover?what can i do to forget bout him?how many time i will cry again because of him?

i promise my mom & dad,not to contact him,not to meet him anymore,but my heart still miss him

last week my brother accidenly talk about him,i m crying ..........the whole night........,my mom ask me "u still miss him?u still can't forget him?"i silent i don't know what i should tell her,i already push myself very hard to forget him,but its very hard,they try to push me to another guy,he is a very good guy,but i have no any feeling bout him,if 2 years ago maybe i will in love with him,but now i think i can't.............

then i ask him"can u wait me?i don't know how long it will take"he said ok,
very thanks him.

my coliege b'day.......

this is my coliege,the chinese lady in the front is the admin manager(boss wife)she is a super hyper duper good boss,i haven't meet a good boss like her before,

this is secret recipe's cake lor,we having lunch @ secret recipes,then we buy 1 cake back to offices,Very very very delicious de!!!XD

2 1/2day holiday........

staying at home is very bored,i m finish reading 6 novel & 5 comic in a day,too bored,man!!!!nothing to do,already long time din yam cha with my secondary school friend,really miss them,everybody is busy working & studying,when we have a chance to yam cha again leh?maybe newyear?1 year only yam cha 1 time with them,haiz.......kesian lar i,feel so sleepy ler,if i sleep when working,my boss will kill me,her her her.........
i haven buy my new year cloth!!!!!OMG when i gonna buy ler?so lazy to go out & shopping ler,i enjoy staying @ home & play with the hyperactive baby,ying,she is too cute!!!!



i got a google blog d!!!!!!woo~~~hoo~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

okok,calm down clam down..............*fuh~~~~~~*

finally i have a google blog if u got this blog add ,gong xi fa cai to you,that means u r quite important to me,

but i m not always update de,coz i got another blog...............*piak*

don't throw egg!!!!

oklar,oklar,.coz i m lazy.........(-.-"')

this is my other blog


if u can't found me here ,go n search me there,ok?

that's all



a goodbye kiss!!!