hello, long time din update my blog,hehe

sorry i m quite lazy recently

but i start to driving to work now,

when i fetch ppl,i will drive SLOW~~~~

but when i m alone,i will drive very very~~~~FAST

i can't control my leg,damn~~


recently,my friend,my mom & few ppl ask me

A:u still single r?


A:didn't think wanna get a boyfriend?

me:not yet,i enjoy single life now

A:ei,not like that de,u must get a boyfriend~~bla bla bla

*because the A talk a lot,but i just heard her first few sentences,others all become bla bla bla*

another cases

mom:*doing something*how do u think the guy that your auntie bring that day?

me:*watching TV & bluring*which day?

mom:the day your cousin engage

me:*thinking,try to remind*emmm,ok,look quite hensem also

mom:do u think both of you have a chance?

me:nop,i enjoy single now

mom:don't like that lar,u know mom hope u can find a good BF ~bla bla bla

*no need to repeat,all become bla bla bla*

hello guys,its my matter ok,single doesn't mean alone

i can do whatever i want in whatever time i want

girls doesn't need a BF to build up her confidence

i m proud of who i m now,

doesn't need a guys to mess it up