Life is complicated
ppl come & go
problem coming
& resolve
chance come & go
everyone only have 1 lifes
nobody can be out of it
its bad because its only have once
but its good because it only have once
life cant play back,
nobody can have a second chance
so dont regret on what u done
u choose it
u have to face the things after that
my PC reformat recently
all my e-mail lost
it bring trouble to my work
a lotta thingy
i only keep it in E-mail
& my printer also have to reinstall
2 days
only do the reformat & reinstall thingy
bad luck,
that's a long time
i din update my bloggie
until all the reader's gone
i have my own space here........
face alot of things recently
the feeling is not that more d
he is a coward
i really think so
a guys who need others advise very much
can't u just think urself???
u dont have brain de meh?
some of the things cant decide by other
u must choose urself
dont tell me ur lonely
ur GF dont care bout u
u are the one who choose her
nobody force u
y u just can't stop complaining
about ur work
about ur GF
about ur parent
u r such a selfish person
u only think urself
if no hard work
where got experience
u think other's got the good result
with no hard work meh?
u just dont see how much they pay for that
my company will made trip to genting on august
have to find some info also
anyone can help me to get some info???
bus fees?
too many thingy
have to go back to work..