i dont like to think to much
but recently
i think a lot
bout him
bout me
bout my work
bout my future
bout my religion
bing wu teach me a lot
but i still cant accept it
i m a dirty ppl
if i m standing infront of god
but which one is the real god?
will he accept me?
even i cant accept myself
i told ethel that before
she said
god will forgive all u have done
i cant forgive myself
he can?
i really hope i can be like them
all the youth
i lost all of it
my heart no longer easy
my heart no longer happy
chin2 said i look always happy
the happiness is just a mask
behind the mask just lonely & sadness
i know i m quite lazy to update my blog recently
after back from thailand
many things happen
i knew something
i know its no result
i m stress in my work
i dont know how long i can hold?
tried to escape
but if i go away right now
i wont get anything
nobody could help me
i know
i always remind myself
keep it
keep going
dont give up
but its tiring
the first time
i said
give me some strength
or send someone to give me power
to keep going
my mom asking me
u have BF in your office r?
my first reaction is
o.O What???
why i got BF i oso dunno pulak?
i said dont hv
she dont believe wor
then sua
leave it
tell my dad
he said
mom just care bout my marriage
she hope i can married earlier
i m just 20
too early to worried lar
just keep the worried when i m 30 lar
the same worried repeat & repeat
who can release me from this???
24 hours more
i would leave Malaysia
we are going to Krabi!!!!!!!!!!!
but my sore throat still bring me a damn dino Voices
i try to eat a lot of cold things
drink a lot of water
today seems a bit better...
but i grow pimples
what the heck?
coz of the heat....
a few BIG SIZE pimples grow on my face
i just think dont wanna bring any make up stuff
but now must bring d
bad bad.....
night mare
i din sleep at all last night
eyes very tired but just cant sleep
when i nearly sleep
something will pop up on my mind
i yelling on my blanket
god!!!!!!why u dont let me sleep???
now i m so blur............
already forgot how to pass my night yesterday
dont let me cant sleep liao
i think i have a strange feeling to someone.......
a one that couldn't be love....
i m quite upset
why u choose a guy that couldn't be accept again!!!!!!
but he gonna leave soon
i really hope he have a good career
that's the only way for me to love him
i ask myself why?
i dunno
i just can found him
wherever he go
when open my computer
my eyes will looking for him
oh no.........
i m not going to tell him
not going to fall into the grave named love that soon
please wait......
when i done all my dream
when i know i can stay with u
i will tell u
will u wait for me???